Basement renovation Brampton

Your basement remodeling in Toronto can grant you extra space in the house when renovated. In Brampton, homeowners seek quality in the renovation of their basements. This calls for thorough research before embarking on this exercise.

Basement decoration ideas that will expand your space

Plan the floor layout

Having come up with a budget and decided on what you want the basement space for, plan the floor layout. Take for instance, if you have decided that the basement will be used as a guest room. This would mean that the room will need a bathroom. You will have to plan properly for all the needs to be accommodated.

Use neutral colors

Though attractive, brighter colors are likely to make the room appear smaller. With the help of an interior designer in Brampton, you can choose on neutral colors such as white and grey. These will make your space appear bigger. When done with the renovation, furnish your space with furniture of the same neutral colors.

The open concept will work for you

Basements differ in sizes. If your basement is smaller, erecting walls will eat up lots of space. Consider going the open plan way. This will help you save on space.

Ensure that it is properly lit

Basements are often darker compared to other rooms in the house. This is owed to the fact that basement windows are usually smaller and can be partially or totally underground. When well lit, the room will feel bigger.

Create storage space

Even after renovating your basement into a more useful room, it can still serve you as a store. Mount storage shelves and cabinets on the walls to maximize on space.

Basement renovation services in Brampton

Tips for renovating your basement

You will have to plan for the exits

It is a requirement to have a safety exit just in case there is an emergency. In most cases, basements don’t have these exits. Incorporate this in your renovation plan. You can make the windows in such a way that one can easily exit through them in times of emergency.

Stop the water

Basements usually serve as plumbing connection points. These are likely to have leakages that can make your basement inhabitable. Ensure that you address all the leakages to make the basement habitable.

Verify the height

Unlike other rooms in your house, basement ceiling usually has a low height. You would want to establish the measurement of the height. This will help you in planning for the space. In will also inform your choice of the ceiling.

Drainage System

In most instances, the drainage points for the house are usually found in the basement. When doing the renovation, you most probably want to include a bathroom. You will have to assess whether this can be connected to the drainage.

Noise Reduction

When renovating your basement into a TV room or a playroom, it is imperative that you prevent noise from the basement. You can achieve this by installing sound insulation materials on your basement walls. You have a number of insulation materials to choose from. These include wood and fiberglass among others.

How to identify the best contractor for your basement renovation

Various construction companies that can undertake basement renovation exist within Brampton. However, you must not overlook some qualities, like the ones listed below


Ensure that you hire a contractor with staff qualified for the contract on offer. Professionals are known to deliver better results compared to unskilled workers. They are also more creative and likely to deliver faster.

Company’s experience

Engage a contractor who has long experience in basement renovation. With experience, there is perfection. Coupled with professionalism, you will be provided with some of the best designs that you can choose from. Experienced companies are also likely to be well equipped for the task owing to their experience and sustained income. This also has an effect on the turn-around time for the contract.


You can learn from other clients’ experiences. Construction companies in Brampton have websites on which clients review their performance. This is to your advantage. Analyze reviews from different clients to get to know the performance of your contractor. Positive reviews are an indication of excellence in construction. Negative comments are an indication that the company in question is inept.